The Micro Credit Scheme was established to cater for the needs of peasant farmers and petty traders who have formed themselves into manageable groups on account of their common interests. The Scheme was designed for economic uplifting of the down-trodden to whom soft loan is made available on terms.

Generally, the following three categories of groups are reckoned with:

  • Micro Groups – These groups comprise of men, women, and youths who are petty traders operating daily businesses. These groups constitute 65% of our total beneficiaries. They access soft loan from our organization and make weekly repayment as agreed on.
  • Cooperative Groups – These groups comprise of our beneficiaries who have graduated from our Micro Groups to Cooperative Groups. Our relationship with these groups is more of monitoring as they are self-sustaining. They constitute 15% of our beneficiaries.
  • Farmers Groups – These groups comprise of men, women, and youths who make savings with us and obtain loan for farming purposes. They make repayments after harvest of their farm proceeds.

Under this Scheme, our beneficiaries are helped to move from dependency level to independency status.